Sunday, September 13, 2009

My first memory of Halloween...50 years ago!

Lets go back 50 yrs...yes, 50 the little 6 year old girl standing on the far right, front row, standing with her the children in the little community as far West as the United States will go. Petrolia,California in Humbolt County, near the ocean. Today, 2009, it is more of a hippie community, a bit scarey to visit.
Standing with them is the Principal, Mr. Shepherd, probably 32 years old he was the little 6 year olds daddy, and Mrs. Johnson her 1st grade teacher.
There were two wooden school houses on the school property and a home next to the school in which we lived, mother watched my little brother Roger, cooked nice meals as I went to school. We played alot of dodgeball, hopscotch,jacks, marbles and jumprope and had wonderful art classes my dad would teach.
Each row of desks represented a grade. I believe it was grades 1 thru 7, I could this day name at least 1/2 of the children, there was a family of boys Timmy, Terry and Tommy, Mary Ellen stands next to me, and the dress I remember very well, nicely pressed. My mother always styled my hair in ringlets using bobby pins and I would have to sleep with them every night.
This area was a farming community, which was a good 45 minute drive down beautiful hills with winding roads making me car sick and passing logging trucks that scared us to death and mother screaming that we better not fall off the road. We then could view the big blue Pacific Ocean and smell the salty water. My dad took us to the ocean many days hunting for sea shells, big glass balls that had floated in from Japanese boats and I always found the quick sand or some gross dead stingray
In town there was one tiny tiny gas station, that was it. There were rows of eucaplyptus trees around the school yard they were big & very old and to this day I can smell them.
The reason I tell this story is to set you up for the first Halloween that I can remember...which was here with these students in this chippy white painted school house. Maybe it will encourage you to go down memory lane and write your Halloween stories.
However, because I have taken a class this past month in personal history and we are learning that we must add more detail as 100 years from our lives our posterity may just find it interesting to read how we lived, about our first schools our first holidays, what was going on in the world at the time etc. etc. I want to ask who took this picture, what time of year it was, what were our ages and tell how he became the principal here, all the way from Utah.
Just a hint about Halloween and then I must get off the computer, I believe the storm outside is knocking out power. Tomorrow I will call my dad and have him write the detail that he remembers to fill in the blanks that I would have no way of knowing.
My dad was the HOLIDAY LOVER at my home, being an elementary principal and 5th grade school teacher I guess it makes sense.
This is really Julie at Idyllhours blog fault, talking about how she got her love of Halloween from her Mother. It got me did I get MY first Halloween memories? It made me do a search for this picture to share with you.
I can see the party in my mind, as we did have a primitive style home movies camera that we played over and over...for many years after. So many details I want to know, and hoping he can remember...not sure.
Tomorrow...I will share, if not, lets go for Tuesday.


Jeni said...

What great memories you recorded. You were an adorable little girl and I love childhood photos.

Shellie said...

Mom, You were such a cute little girl in that picture. Now I know where your fascination comes from with those Japanese glass balls, and I had no idea that Grandpa was a Holiday lover. I can't wait to hear Grandpa's details, and I can't believe Grandma sent you to school with your hair done! haha.

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

That's why it's important to write your personal histories, to learn why we do the things we do is one.

About the hair...I bet every child had their hair cut at home...thats another detail I am asking about.

I know my mother probably didnt use curlers in my hair, just wrapped the hair around her finger and pinned it with those bobby pins.
shellie, I was the first child...of course she did my hair...but only until independent me had to take over!
If it wasn't for my father, I wonder how our holidays would have really been...he did all of it, every holiday at home and school.

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Brenda, I didn't know that about you, your so sweet. You are like Laura Ingles on Little house on the Prarie.
Love the bobby pin story. I use to love bobby pins. I have some of my grandmothers in her jewlry box.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oh Brenda, I LOVE this post! Of course I love hearing about everyones childhood memories and yours are sooo sweet! That is a fun idea to post about special Halloween memories... I have so many happy ones, I could post one everyday from now till NEXT year's Halloween! You were adorable in your little ringlets! I didn't even know you lived by the ocean... how fun! OK, let's do LOTS of Halloween posts... I know Shellie doesn't need any urging... Julie

blog n' tell said...

What a great story....I had no idea you grew up in California. The picture is is so important to document these things. Family history helps you to discover who you are and how you became that way. There is no question where you and shellie have inherited your artistic ability. I remember going to your mom and dads house when I was a little are a lucky girl to have such great parents and great family.

Mimi Sue said...

My husband used to got to Eureka to work at the power plant there. I think Petrolia is kind of close? I was born and raised in San Luis Obispo, CA farther south but grew up on the beach finding gross stuff and Japanese fishing balls and things. I think we must be about the same age. I was born in 1952 and I had a dress similar to yours in 1st grade. Mimi

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Susie...How interesting about Eureka...Exactly the town we came into to do the grocery shopping and go to church.
Then he is probably familiar with Ferndale.
So you too went to the beach alot in Calif. and found those glass lady in town had her yard just full of those things, in all sizes.