Sunday, September 27, 2009

Antiques...not to be lived without!

I will tell you right off...these antiques are not for sale...I purchased them this week for my own pleasures and usefullness, there's a Halloween mystery at the end.

Can you see why this see through antique fabric hat box was a must to own, inside are these wedding shoes, we are thinking from the late 1800's, I may doll them up a bit with vintage trinkets, and the glass tiara inside is from a special friend Julie Moran,dont' you think it looks so pretty inside this piece?

Antique chippy/rusty paint wall piece deep shelf, had to follow me home, didn't even care about the price, this along with the hat box display will go into my workroom that is getting a make-over this year OR so. For now isn't it nice for the porch?

Sweet aged antique framed hand painted old fashioned saying in aqua/blue: When we think about people Trouble grows. When we think about God Trouble goes.

We've needed a neat old floor lamp for sometime...the estate I bought from this week had this one, I think it's perfect for our needs.

Check back maybe Tuesday evening...I will show you what's happening with 6 of these cuties in our homes windows, should be really fun.

Couldn't resist a pair of black shoes, don't even match, guessing they are from the 20's. My mind is whirling with imagination right now with these shoes! If it wasn't Halloween I wouldn't be having witchy visions!

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