Friday, September 25, 2009


Super spectacular season issue Oct/Nov/Dec. is here...words can never describe the excitement each artist brings to these pages, it's a group effort for sure and inspiration overload, you'll love that it embraces Fall, Halloween & christmas and more.

ESTATE...I'm always beyond grateful when invited to an estate, which happened kind of suddenly after work yesterday...loaded the car full of wonderful pieces I know you as customers & friends will adore .this was from a 95 year olds womans belongings and some of her childrens who have traveled extensively. They will start being worked into the shop next Monday Wednesday and Friday and I'm sure Mr. Bed of Roses has his eye on a few things as keepers.
Everyday I hear customers gasp that "oh this reminds me of my grandmothers". This silver simple music box made me do the same thing. Now I think of it, both grandmothers had one, only in different colors.
I also picked up some Halloween costume accessories,(like unusual hats) and Shellie you wanted silver goblets...I have plenty now. See, I listen to you and what you want! I love my job MOST DAYS and yesterday made up for the miserable one the day before.

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