Wednesday, September 16, 2009


From the color of the burnt red crackly paint the wood & nails we believe this antique PRIMITIVE GRAIN BIN to be from the late 1800's and could be a Mormon Pine Piece. At some time (75 years ago?) the front and top has a gray coat of paint, that's how they spring cleaned with new coats of paint on their furniture. Luckily this just had the one.

You can see how old and primitive the back slats are. This piece has been in our laundry room, there are no old smells to it. Reason selling is we have decided the space has long needed a big pantry closet, so this must be sold.

It's a big piece could be 4' wide and 4 1/2' tall(guessing as it's not here). Lid is a dark brown old old original paint on the inside.

You can find this primitive grain bin which we THINK is Mormon Pine(made by the early settlers in Utah) at THE GENERAL STORE CO-OP CHICKS on Gentile and Main North West corner in Layton. We have priced it probably 1/2 of what it should be. They are open 11-7 everyday, closed on Mondays, closed at 5:00 on Saturdays. We also loaded the truck with a few other pieces you will like, check them out at the General Store.

P.S. I'm going to finish my first remembrance of Halloween in a few days, too many interuptions with the shop, but I did get my parents to relate some information and they reminded me I have a vcr tape on the party, which I have found, but now to get the vcr "ready" to play...things sure do get outdated fast don't they?

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