Sunday, September 20, 2009

SIGNS of FALL in Utah...Weber County's FUNNEST CORN MAZE

You know it's fall in Utah when you see the orange and black signs for Punkinaze going up in West Haven. The big Stratford family who put this aMAZEing party on are fantastic people in this community.

Announcing Punkinaze opens up Sept. 23rd...yeah! Please support them again this year.

Slides and all kinds of fun & food for every age group, I would check: for more information especially if you can't read this flier.

Haybales make the big maze...wonder what design it is this year?

Just Across our street...reaping their harvest of big beautiful onions.

What's funny is we don't smell onions and there are acres and acres of them laying there basking in the sun, as you know onions grow underground.
Okay...see you at Punkinaze. Our California and Florida viewers this is what we do in the land of 4 seasons, hope you enjoy us sharing fall with you! Then you can also listen to us groan in the dead of winter. But for now WE LOVE FALL.

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