Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Phone lines are down...trying to get it fixed

Store is opened, no problem. If you have tried calling, we are not ignoring you, our phone lines have been down since monday, we will try to resolve on Wed. since what we have tried is not working. oh the fun of old historic buildings!This is when I start my complaining about being a shop owner, getting frustrated over something I cant fix easily. No worries though, that's just what I signed up for wasn't it?

Your welcome to call 801-628-0890 or call the shop 801-451-2556 and the call goes right to this number.

That also means the visa machine doesnt work...our lifeline I call it. Hope it's not an inconvenience to use cash or check. Hopefully this will get resolved early in the day.
We did some new Halloween decorating tonight, windows are silver and sparkly...must come see!

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