Tuesday, September 8, 2009

29.6 lbs...it's a monster...good honk!

It's funny, I opened the refrigerator tonight for a watermelon...nope!
Next I got an email from Dixie, Lavender House owner and she asked me if I had checked my porch...okay, off to the porch I went...this is what I found...good HONK look at this watermelon! (those are her famous words by the way), how did you pick this thing up, especially with your bad back? Hope it didn't put you in the hospital, call me if it did and I'll bring YOU something...just not 30 lbs!

Thank you so much, and Dixie you can give up your store, but you are not giving up your blog...we have to see your talent at least weekly, please promise or we won't let you close. You have so many fun things always going on, the world needs a part of your life and talent.
I mean, is that thank you tag the cutest thing ever?


Simply Lavender said...

29.6 lbs and I hope you and Carl enjoy every bite of it!
If the fruit stand would have had a 40 lb one I would have bought it for you! You are such a sweet friend and such a kind person. I can always count on you for encouragement and support!
It did take some doing to get the melon from my car to your porch I have to admit. I just prayed the whole way that I didn't drop it!
But....mission accomplished...


Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Dixie, don't make me laugh so hard, now i am visualizing you carrying that big watermelon, would have been easier to roll it.
Can you imagine dropping that thing? lol!