Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Newlyweds...right here in Farmington

Almost daily right here in Farmington,shop being across from the courthouse I witness wedding couples, they come outside on the courthouse steps for photos etc.
Last night at closing this happy couple came in, Marie Whitehouse was there and we were commenting to the couple about their unique attire. I commented to the gal about how cute the tuxedo bow tie was around her neck, she said well, we just got married and pulled out the papers. Wedding dinner at Franciscos! I told you that place was good, even wedding worthy too.
Marie suggested I must take their photos. Notice the details of their outfits, I wish you could see more,(click on their picture so you can see the details) as their shirts and her skirt had skulls and lots of detail, his shirt had been ripped and he pinned down the whole thing with silver straight pins going horizontally which had caught my eye. Lots and lots of skull and silver adornments. That is one heck of a tattoo on this guy, isn't it?
Love his zebra collar on his denim jacket which he did himself. She had made her very fun crochet shawl. They were very pleasant to visit with.
Nothing like a happy newlywed couple...they are going to have a unique and interesting life from what I am seeing, not that we all don't, they will not lack for creativity...keep it up you two and congratulations.
They know I am blogging them, so wish them a happy life together!

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