Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The WHITENED Human Art

Whitened designs important values are change sociability, multitasking, fun, spontaneity. On the other hand can sometimes be annoying, indecisive, inconsiderate.

Warm colors...more pastels, are extroverts as they look outside themselves. Enjoys groups excitement, parties. good at doing things and taking action. You like newness and change. Spontaneous.
When she walks in the door SHE greets YOU, its like sunshine coming into the room. Doesn't sit long, talks wth her hands, always seems youthful.Creates enthusiasm and makes things fun. She is social and everyone is important to her. This person in their older age would be out roller skating at 103!

They are cherry trees in a burst of pink, children splashing in a puddle, Marilyn Monroe, energy, involvement, discovery, adventure and exploration.

This would make a wonderful Mothers Day gift as this book is so valuable to your everyday life experiences. The art work by Donna O Kearney is magnificent.

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