Saturday, April 4, 2009

STRESS TEST...should your business fold?

Here is an informative article from Jay Goltz printed at Stress test: should your business fold? If your'e tempted to throw in the towel, you're not alone. But drastic measures may not be necessary:
find this article:
You will enjoy and relate to this article especially if you are a business owner.

A little background...I have loved the shop in Kansas for sometime. I was reading her blog article on her fear of what the economy was doing and what steps she wanted to take to stay in business. And them Jay goltz found her.She started the curious retailer: serious education for the retailer who wants to love what she does and do more than survive.
I must tell you that it has been a blessing to me to have received an invitation and be included with 99 other national retailers similar to myself who participate daily in a the private curious retailer forum. We are taught by Jay and Deb some important lessons on taking charge of our shops, taking ownership of it, running a business not a job and then chatting with 99 other shop owners who bring new ideas to the table with each lesson and also lending a place to do a little venting, problem solving that we encounter each day and discussing this new economy. Participating shops are all over the United states. Some of us are very similar and some very different, some have high rent, some have low, some have lots of sq. footage, some are tiny. some are seasonal, some year round. we all have commonality, in that we love our business' and are determined to do whatever it takes to stay...oh...and the one thing we want is a paycheck or to keep one! Yes, even in this new economy...Some of you shopowners, don't start laughing too hard!
Please visit Debs website and also some of the shop owners who comment on my blogs, visit their online blogs/shops.
We are all ambitious and determined learners and we are staying in business, living out our passion through our business, and together we have learned and are learning new ways to make our business better not only for our customers but us.
Thanks for letting me share a bit of "shop talk" with you.

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jeni said...

You are always so supportive and encouraging to other shop owners. I love that about you!