Friday, April 3, 2009

SPRING BREAK eating out places...

I have heard of a few new places to eat...and tried out a heard of others through customers...

Don't forget Mini's cupcakes: East of Sears around 8th south in salt lake city. Very pink shop too! Their logo: change you cup size! Her website is showing easter basket cupcakes.
The Pizza Factory out west on antelope Drive was way fun and good and just North of the Smiths food kind out that way amd on the east side of the road, just past 7-ll is an affordable Chinese place called: Dragon Hill,very nice presentation, good flavors plus fairly new. These are both in Syracuse.

The Melting pot was spectacular for a fun night out with a group of friends. Its downtown salt lake city like Main and 4th? and you MUST make reservations, seriously, no drop ins.even for lunch. They valet your car. It's all plan on spending some time there and its so fun to dip you things in so many types of fondues, a unique experience as each fondue is mixed in two pots right at your table. Not cheap, a special event, children welcome and you dont have to be too fancy, just have a good time.
I had a customer raving over this place on State street in Salt lake city...for egg rolls, they were like a dollar and the best she swears. It was I think Lacai noodle house more south of sears.
She mentioned Decades in Salt lake more south of sears...or was that a shop? might be. I get things mixed up sometimes and write quick notes.
Dont forget our neighbor Franciso's Mexican grill, customers rave about whatever they love in mexican food.
Would LOVE to hear new places you have discovered...please! It's the time of year to get out of hibernation and meet with friends and family for good dining


Cindy said...

Mc Cools is a great place to eat. Paradise Bakery is another. Tsumani is great as well.

jeni said...

I have to try Mini's. Sounds like my kind of place. Thanks for all the good information!