Friday, April 24, 2009

Where women create...Perspective

Jayna and I have always read our magazines from the back to the front,do you? We noticed that today, funny thing isn't it? So this evening I finally got to the 2 & 3, there Jo packam did her Kitchen table article on Perspectives. You must read.

She talks how difficult it sometimes can be to be an artist and have so much creativity inside of you. Some moments ( or most) you are exploding with it and other times you would just like to wake up and not have it.Sometimes we hurry and get the necessary things done to have the rest for our necessary creativity She was candid, down to earth and honest about private self. You'll find yourself relating.

Another thing inside I found was a quote from the FAMOUS Leonardo da Vinci, page 95:

Life is pretty simple, you do some STUFF, most FAIL, some WORKS, you do more of WHAT WORKS, IF it works BIG, others quickly COPY IT, then you do SOMETHING ELSE, the TRICK is the DOING SOMETHING ELSE.
So true then...even MORE true today as we have much more technology and media to speed the process along. Quoted from Gwendolyn Evans artist, designer of one of a kind vintage clothing pieces.
History repeats itself... Or life has always been full of human art & weakness'. Progress can be made, and it's always a good thing to move on, keeps us at our artistic best!

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jeni said...

Beautiful quotes and ideas. Thanks for sharing. The new book looks wonderful. See you soon!