Friday, April 24, 2009

WHERE WOMEN CREATE...summer issue is IN!

When these books arrived I quickly scanned and had to peek all day long as they were the most beautiful pages I have ever seen!

I called the company and said "I don't know how Jo Packam will be able to out do herself on this book as it is beyond spectacular and send me 18 more!"
Marie Osmond on front cover with her sewing & doll studio is wonderful, especially if you love marie, her dolls and sewing.

Candy Moger, a new artist to me stole my heart as we seem to love the same colors and designs, don't you agree, I mean the pink/black and dots and them you will too!
Her motto: Be true to yourself. Follow your OWN path, not the path another made.

Amy Hanna, first picture, isnt that page scrumptious! Her motto: in life is that there always has to be a pearl in an oyster. Her first book: rejuvenated jewels. Which reminds me that although we have tons of jewelry in the shop that's everchanging, I must make appt. with my two vintage jewelry suppliers so we have plenty for your summer projects!

And I love Elizabeth Clah, a Navajo weaver and the program thats Adopt a native elder program, learn more about that in the book, its wonderful.
And for you who love bright colors...there are many pages to drool over!
What I loved was pages 45-80 to be honest, I want to just crawl inside of those pages and live there! Beyond your imaginations.

So here I present to you just a "sneak peek" because I can't let you see these pages before I! And that's exactly what I am going to do, right now.
If you can't get one in your area email me at and I will send you a copy. I will drop in mail box next day.

Now I wish you a fabulous summer and i hope you get lots of ideas for THE WORKSPACE of YOUR DREAMS...and can make them come true. Me...I would have to become two people to have my workroom be the one of my dreams right now, has anyone figured that out? to inspiration land, see you Saturday!!!


Mimi Sue said...

I'll be in this week for my copy! LOVE those magazines, although they're not really a magazine are they? Love them. Mimi

KarenHarveyCox said...

This is my first time visiting your blog. I saw the article in Where Women Create. Your studio is gorgeous. Congratulations for being featured in such a lovely magazine.