Thursday, April 16, 2009

Preparing for Mothers Day & Christmas? What's up with that?

We are preparing for Mothers Day & Christmas (that's what shop owners do)... Jayna will bring her new pieces of jewelry by Friday afternoon and I can hardly wait to see the backsides of them...wonder what saying is on the "walking shoes" picture? Maybe something like: "she walked out the front door and just kept walking!" lol!

Since its A SNOW DAY TODAY I will tell you an important event to mark your calendars for in November. Is it ever to early for you to start preparing for Christmas? Yes, it is and if the sun was shining today you would throw rocks!

Here it is: SNOW DAYS: A holiday shopping Tradition... Nov. 12-14 SHOP HOP

Our (remember she taught Martha Stewart!)friend is excitedly putting this event together in remembrance of her experience (turned Tradition) growing up in Lehi and taking a SNOW DAY with her mom and sister,shopping the fun boutiques and shops filled with Christmas. She remembers laughing, chatting, dining and just getting a heads up on Christmas presents and decor.

Just a bed of roses is definitly participating along with shops from Provo up to Layton. If you know of a wonderful boutique shop that we may not know about email us.

It will be a ticket event, there will be a charm bracelet and a charm to get at each shop. Prizes for going to the most shops...MUCH MORE to be announced. Wanted you to mark those days NOW for Snow day shopping in UTAH.

Important note: we are closed will be BUSINESS AS USUAL Friday, and I hope no rain water has entered the shop.

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Cindy said...

That does sound fun. I wish I was closer. I still want to look at that "blackend" necklace.