Monday, April 13, 2009

The Saturated persons design...from Human Art:

Saturated person's natural description...Chrome & glass, clean lines, high fashion, orchids, stained glass windows, sharp definition, Geisha.I always think oriental.
Color wise they like the pure primary colors. Tend to be introverted. Focusing on what they are thinking, rarely expressing themselves freely.
Good at concentration, prefer individual sports, needs personal space, comfort, cleanliness and order.
Confusion and noise make you uncomfortable.
Saturated people think black and white, not gray. They make a decision and that is the final answer, liking things more simple and clinical. They wont decorate with clutter.They can be intimidating, perfectionist, demanding and all business.
There is so much more, wanted to give a glimpse of the saturated person. We have the book "human art" available in the shop. Towards the end of the week I will tell a bit about the Whitened persons design. You will love this book!

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