Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Victoria and new florals arrived today...really do love the inside of this Vicoria, beautiful pictures in whites etc. Its really raining hard Thursday morning, the shop may get a late opening, say by 11:00-noon. Friday and Saturday 11:00-4, although closing a little early on saturday, maybe 4:00 latest.
You may call to check: 801-628-0890
I'm hoping for a new big purse shipment today...come see if you need a pretty pink Easter Purse.
Our Easter items are 20% off or more, antiques 20% off and jewelry (excluding consignment) is 20% off. florals 10% off
Lets not forget our spring special: blingy ball caps reg. 18.95 are 16.00! Only thru this week. Lets do our zebra and giraffe wallets 10% off too. Why not! Rainy day sales.

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Cindy said...

It sounds wonderful. I wish I lived closer. I will for sure be stoping in when I go to my kids.

I didn't make it to my dear lizzies or the lavender house yesterday. I'm sick, I caught something from my grandkids. I've made plans to go next week though. I let you know about it then.