Friday, April 3, 2009

The BLACKENED design... from HUMAN ART. Celebrate Spring with a new read!

The blackened designed person...earthy colors deep and rich, tera cotta, copper, dried grasses, leather, tweed, old castles, Niagara falls, jagged mountain peeks, lightning bolts the Grand Canyon.
Personalities are extroverts and express emotions open and freely. You love newness and change, your decisive and enjoy taking risks...meeting challenges. You need to release energy. You love alot going on, physical contact and groups of people.

Your good at doing things...not talking about doing, but doing. You are confident and assertive.
The colors you love are primary colors dumped with plum, burnt orange/reds, mustard and olivey greens.
If you don't like a wall in your bulldoze it down, get it done and move on. If someone has spinach in their teeth, you will be direct and tell them. You just know how to deal with life.They compartmentalize, and don't like to be thrown off schedule.
The Human Art book teaches alot more about the physical features of each design and also how each design relates with each other. It also teaches that you have a dominant design and also some next we will talk about the SATURATED PERSONS design.
This book is for sale in the shop written by Brooke and Rod Thornley...makes a wonderful gift and good reading for the spring break. It's one of my all time favorite books, its very valuable to me in my life, in my business and relating with others and helping them to pick out products that are best suited to them.I wish it were available when I was raising my children, I could of understood them alot better if I had realized their own personal design. Now I do, and it's much easier to relate to them and their needs and value them for who and what they were born to be.

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Cindy said...

I love it, everything you said was true. However, I do tolerate being knocked off schedule, I'm quit flexable.

I'll check out your book. I have another friend who design's by ones color. I never quite understood what she ment.