Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a great place to come and ask for Prayers and support...

It's comforting to me to be able to come here and ask friends for their prayers and hugs when things aren't always going well, and at times can be a bit scarey.
My dear father is having an emergency pace maker today and he is quite scared himself along with us 5 children and our mom. We know his body is fragile for operations, however this has to be done in order to survive.
We are trying to be positive and when it all goes well he will be stronger and have more energy. We call him would you call an 81 year old man fragile who just mowed an elderly ladies lawn with her old rickity outdated lawn mower in 100 degree weather fragile...we call him insane, but what can we do other than follow him around 24/ we must be thankful he has survived until now to have this life saving operation.
Right at this early moment of the day I do not have someone to open the shop, so I may have to be there today. It may not get opened until noon though as stated from a previous post. Things have a way of working out and God will be with us today.
Thanks in advance for you love, prayers and support, it sure does help in times like this.
this is an add on...oh Sweetest Julie Vicknar a dear customer called and said that she would come and handle the shop today from noon until 5:00...blessings to you Julie, I so appreciate come visit Julie and enjoy some of our new merchandise.


Jenni B said...

Brenda, my prayers are definitely with you. I'm sorry to hear of your father's poor health and hope this operation will remedy his ailments.

If I were there I'd definitely come to open your store this morning!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Jenni...your as sweet as a cupcake, just had to say that!!! You know, you can always move back to Utah! You can work for me any day, just bring your blender with you!

Anonymous said...

brenda---how scary!! I will be thinking of you today... =)
I wish everyhing goes well!

If I didn't have a fussy baby I would come open your

HEY email me your email so I can add you to my list since Im going privite.
Jeneal(the girls dad's wife) likes to leave me nasty mean comments and I am so fed up with it so I am no longer putting up with it.

Jessica said...

Brenda- my thoughts and prayers are with you.

I too would have opened the store for you if I could have! I am starting school in the fall and would love to work for you when I was not at school. Send me an email and we can chat about details!


Silena said...

Blessings and prayers for you and your family....especially for your Dad. I pray his surgery will be successful and that lives to mow many more lawns!!