Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mo Stuff license plate

The cutest customer, Susie from Ogden popped in yesterday and told me her children gave her as a present which is this license plate...Mo stuff. I said I must have a picture to share with my customers this exciting license plate...they are all going to want one, arent You? She said where ever she goes her vehicle just gets filled right up, sounds familiar anyone??? I'm guilty!

Just In...Wrinkly crinkly ribbon roses wide ribbon has got to be the BEST EVER ribbon I have ever acquired. Dont you agree? Right now I have tried some in the tea dye to see how it will turn out.
I will take pictures of some of the ways this can be used and share with you in a week or so.

I am getting a bit impatient with the UPS truck...I know my new stuff is on one of them as we speak and I cant stand that it hasnt arrived yet at the shop. Maybe tomorrow...Oh it will be better than Christmas! If you see boxes outside shop you will know they came. Have you seen all the fun red painted items out front? Plus some gently used white wicker tables or seats, they are adorable for many things.

Before I go...let me remind you of she is posting so many new arrivals you are going to be in heaven when you see the new girlie skirts, I have never seen anything like it. You can just give her a call and she will hold some for you too, how convenient is that!!! Right here in Farmington. She ALWAYS posts the best topics, you will enjoy visiting as often as I do.

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