Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No SUMMER VACATION should be without...

No summer vacation should be without great magazines as your are traveling/camping/relaxing...these books will travel with me to the mountains for sure... Just arrived...Somerset LIFE imaginative ideas for inspired I was peeking through this beauty before falling asleep and it peeked my curiosity big time as Sandra Evertson has pages of exquisite antique textiles arranged, just too much! Also Donkey dreams...cute Katherine Dunn makes homemade pies and delivers them walking a donkey ...all artists in this book have blogs too. And on page 14 is our own Utahs Julie collings she should be just coming back from their ArtNest Retreat in Park city. Wow, congratulations Julie, 2 blogger books for you! Okay, I just looked at your blog and if you have the pink plaid and aqua zipper bag I claim it, okay! (I have a feeling its sold though).
It was like waiting for Christmas for this new summer Artful Blogging book to arrive, visually inspiring online journals. Its eye candy for sure and the one that really caught my attention is on page 32 The ribboned crown where frivolity reigns...the Donna O'Brien crowns everything she can get her hands on! Girls you are going to see these sites before I do...I have to run to work, but before I go check out what fun deliveries came yesterday.

Crowns, cameos and tiny door plates and keys in an painted resin, these are dainty and would be neat to use in scrapbooking, and your smaller wood decorating projects, I have a few old recipe boxes that may get crowned soon. Selling between 2-4.00
Bridal shower tag , use this instead of a card, wouldnt it be fabulous tied around a gift basket? It is dimensional too and very well made.
Thank you for always standing besides many occasions come in our life when we just need to thank someone for being there for them...many in my life. This tag is old fashioned, charming and also dimensional.
Come on in...will only be opened today(wednesday) unless I open a half day (first half) on Thursday. Fabulous Jewelry is ALWAYS arriving. Because the shop is closed this Friday & Saturday I will sell jewelry AND anything RED Wednesday TODAY in the shop!!!


Julie Collings said...

dear brenda,
thank you for your sweet comments on your blog today. all the sparkly things in your photos have me just dying to come up to your shop today!
the art nest was amazing, i hope to post some about it today. congratulations on a wonderful market, everything looks amazing.
happy 4th, julie

Just be...... said...

I love those publications. I've been buying up there back issues, they have so many different magazines. You need to show the Artful Blogger one to Jeni, I told her about it but she couldn't find it. ( It's at Joannes)
I really need to visit your store.
Lovely, lovely