Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's FARMINGTON DAYS this weekend

Just have one minute to's been a busy week, adding in the new display cabinet, decluttering the shop (well, trying!) making the big piles in storage areas shrink a bit so there is room for the wonderful goodies that are ON THEIR WAY.
It's Farmington Days parade today, Saturday at 10:00 its just too cute. You know what else is the cutest thing ever...Enson who is 10 years old and very mature has his cooler of pop business on the lawn today...your going to love the 30's music he's playing you may feel the urge to sing or dance a bit. He's adorable!
I do have some sale items out...should have more but its been a busy & may I say a hot week. Jewelry will be 20% off today and everything in the shop 10% off just for today!

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