Saturday, July 26, 2008

Take a peek at the brown wall

love the new brown wall? Most of the framed mirrors and pictures are from an estate just recently acquired from Gywn...I bought the fireplace from my daughter so its not for sale.
Ice cream sundae table, full of shabby girl treats!

Cupcake iron stand from the 1950's awaiting the faux shabby desserts!
Kellies latest handmade sundae out of felted die for!

Glance at the new red corner...sure makes the merchandise look like a wow!

Rusty garden crowns...can you just see two of these in your plants with a frog next to it

Estate items, here is a beaded shabby purse, hats, coats, dishes, wooden backdrop screens etc

The brown wall turned out almost delicious, I can almost smell chocolate. How do you like the antique shabby fireplace on the brown wall? When decorating with chocolate can use almost any color for an accent...and I prefer the white and off whites for the main color as woods colors unless its black doesnt look as attractive. My favorite paint is from Kwal Howells in Ogden or Bountiful. Their paint is what the contractors use and usually stays true to its color on the chart. I usually dont like paint from home depot, walmart and Lowes, and its not expensive. This brown is called Bittersweet.
Here is the red area also, has the so popular reddish orange, not burgundy. It had a weird name, cant even remember it.
Sooooo many wonderful items coming in this week like...vintage purchases from Gwyn's estate, childrens jewelry such as crowns, cupcakes & princess in rhinestones, ooh la la! At least 30 or more animal print purses in fun styles and accent colors of reds greens blues and of course PINK! The famous Jenni B cupcakes, faux desserts will arrive and will be dolled up wearing diamonds, pearls and roses in colors that we shabby girls adore! Some beautiful antique paperie tags should also arrive in pretty colors and vintage girlie designs.
P.S. dont you just love Kellies new ICE CREAM the smaller version...mmmm! Handmade with felted wool. And can you see the new rusty them, better than expected and more metal crown hooks should be arriving so it will be a busy week just unboxing new arrivals...hope you can stop in!

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Jenni B said...

It's all looking REALLY cute! I can't wait to stop by for a visit when I'm in the area in a couple of weeks!!