Tuesday, July 29, 2008

OOPS...working so hard

Oops...working so hard that I forget to stop to take pictures... Well, one shipment of purses arrived today, the famous Jenni B cupcakes are all out, new purses coming Wed. (keeping fingers crossed) new SEPT. issue of ROMANTIC Homes is in, must say its very exquisite. Thursday the shop may not get opened until NOON...as I have important shopping to do. I should return to shop with our favorite crown jewelry. Oh...the cupcake, icecream cone neclaces, princess, hello kitty, and assorted crown jewelry came today too...this jewelry sparkles so beautifully and is mostly golds, it is not cheapy looking stuff. Hurry in for your purse...these YOUNG girls are just buying them up!!! Who would of thought!!! Fresh yummy chocolate caramel pretzels arrived too...and they are trimmed in PINK! The outside of shop is half painted...feels so refreshing as new paint always does make you feel better, doesnt it!
P.S...How can I forget...Sophey has some new art work on the shop door...I will take a picture to share with you.

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