Thursday, July 24, 2008

Life's not always it?

Five years ago a sweet beautiful vibrant woman in her 50's passed away, her name was Marsha Martin. Marsha was living her dream being a real estate woman and enjoying life with her husband Gary. They had one son Brandon whom is a friend of our son Tim, they are 30 years old now. Brandon married... has a darling wife and a few children now. Marsha fought her cancer hard for some time and it finally won over her body. Not easy for Brandon and Gary as Marsha was the light of their lives. Well, Gary only 62 passed away yesterday with Leukemia after his long now I am thinking... life really isn't fair, is it? I don't know how to figure this out as to why, I just know that lessons are to be learned and life must go on for Brandon. I hope we can be comforting to Brandon and help him to deal with this. And I hope our family can embrace him and his sweet family as part of our Marsha and Gary I hope you don't mind us taking over with hugs & kisses, picture takings & phone calls, maybe even a little babysitting. (did I really say babysitting!) The only problem I see is if Brandon can handle us! God Bless the Martin family at this tender fragile time.

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Anonymous said...

i read this while visiting and although i do not know your family or friends my heart goes out to you all.