Thursday, July 17, 2008

WEDDING & SHOWER GIFTS...PLUS Wild Animal Print bags

Just arrived and will be so helpful for your wedding shower,wedding gifts and birthdays...soooo blingy crystal mirrored candle holders in clear, blue, orangy gold and green pastels only 18.95
MMMMM... old fashioned french milled Heart soaps, smelling so beautiful and priced 13.00 and you will love the peachy pink and brown box. What a special gift.

3 styles of bouncy black and white pearls and crystal coctail rings packaged in cute little black boxes...price...a wow of only $10.00 You will love how these look on your fingers. the new wild thing is Giraffe Print LARGE handbags...these are nice quality and so bold you are going to really get noticed carrying one of these beauties. Many of these purses also come with red, limey green, yellow and aqua handles & accents...let me know if you need a certain color and I can have you one in a week! 48.00

My favorite...just bold, simple & attractive giraffe print purse...35.00 come see the nice quality.

Flashy gold Zebra purse...36.00 aqain just awesome.

Silver Zebra...dare to be different with this one! 36.00

Animal print clutches...inside they are set up just like a wallet, all the compartments for you plastic cards and money. Neat shiney finish only 1600.

Here is the roses ribbon after a dunk in the tea dye, it turned out so much better than expected. This ribbon is not cheap by any means...when you think about it you may just need small pieces to make a wow statement on a project you are making. Could be fun...anxious to try it.
Will be open 11:00 to 5:00 Friday and Saturday...come see for yourself!


Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

Gardenia soap! I LOOOOOVE gardenia! The blinged out candle holders are TO DIE FOR!!

Kelly said...

Love the wild animal prints!

kayellen said...

Love that Ribbon!!!
So pretty for crafts,and fabric projects!!!

Take Care:)