Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh the places you'll go...I mean in Blogland!

I have been lost in blogland, seems I was visiting one of my favorites...Sandra Evertsons blog... I clicked on some of her favoite blogs and I got lost...really lost...and it was a good thing...Yes it was.
Here is where I ended up, you may need help too:
Let me warn you, she is a therapist.


Roxie said...

Oh my, I went straight to the therapists blog, not knowing what to expect. She hit the hammer right on the head. Too funny Brenda.

Anonymous said...

well brenda you are just as kind as kind can be! thanks :)

i am a therapist yea indeedy however when it comes to the blogging world i lose my head all together.... sounds like you are a kindred spirit.