Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crowned for the day..

Your going to LOVE the big rusty garden crowns that came yesterday! Hurry in for yours as i only got 4 big boxes (whew) and they will not last long. Wish I had taken a picture but we just were in such a tight squeeze yesterday with painting, moving and changing things.
The walls are awesome and Mr. Bed of Roses worked non stop and did a great job.
At 7:00 p.m we took off all sweaty to buy an estate...I will tell the story in a blog in a week or so. So to make a long story short we have a truck load of estate antiques that I will try to tuck into places in the shop this week.
So for now...back to the paint shop...I had an idea to paint the OUTSIDE of the shop...well, thats for Mr. bed of Roses, not me. I just chose the colors. If you come in today, expect store not to be displayed quite properly as today will be a big day for us too and if you find me asleep somewhere under a table, dont wake me !
Hey whats that I hear outside...could it be thunder? Hope you can stop in this holiday week.
Okay...I am making another decision here...look out...we will be closed on thursday the 24th!
I need to literally crash! To tell you the truth I think I will get things ready for Re-Creations big yard sale which is going on Friday and Saturday this week-end.

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