Monday, July 5, 2010

Vintage Flower Garden make-over during the 4th of July Holiday

A beautiful morning isn't it...Mr. Roses and I worked on a vintage yard decor make-over.

Our yard was just feeling a little too  pink,purple, white with splashes of yellow...a little too dull
 I suppose for us.
After all, a grandmothers garden were flowers of EVERY hue?

We saw this idea at Gardners village in front of a gift shop, they had taken a giant antique trunk 
 which had beautiful garden of
flowers spilling from it...and we instantly knew that was for us.

We placed the trunk where it would get sprinkler water well, drilled many holes in the bottom
for some decent drainage and since we didn't pay much for the trunk  (by the way don't you love
the neat colored stripes on it) we felt
like it was a nice display to enjoy for little money paid.

Now almost all planted, with some colorful asiatic lillies that will fill in really full and big
and will add bolder splashes of colors to our old fashioned yard.
I'm using old  metal wood burning stove pokers to hold up the flowers for awhile.

The fourth of July was a special day with excitement everywhere.
Long before the high school band marked time in the village square....

Fireworks, fireworks!
Oh, what a joy
For the wide-eyed girl
and the wide-eyed boy
Who watch a flaming ball
burst into spray
a shower of sparks
making night like day.
red sparks and green sparks
and silver sparks glow.
to be greeted by a rapturous
and long-drawn Ooooh!
Fireworks, fireworks,
lighting the sky
What a glorious ending
to the fourth of July!

Ours was spent with the grandchildren watching the Eaglewood golf course display of fireworks,
what a spectacular setting it was for everyone who came to enjoy the
peace and beauty of this day and evening there.
Hoping yours was every bit as special.
See you this week!
Are you loving this weather!
I'm going back outside now to refinish an antique pie cupboard, primitive chest,
child antique desk, and some odds and ends, even some shabby mirrors.
My kind of day!

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