Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Did someone say...VINTAGE CUPCAKE CO.?

Todays PURCHASES...for ME!
I love a day off...this morning MR.Roses and I made our weekly vintage delivery to the General Store
Chics co-op...and  need to let them know how tickled to now own this beyond charming 
chippy /rusty paint tole patio table and chair set.
(we drop off, and haul more back home!)
This is going inside or outside MY  Where Women Create work room
(as You know Jo one day...or REALITY  IS one of these YEARS my work room will be finished.
and I will invite you over...OF COURSE I know different... YOU do the inviting, so sorry!) But it helps MOTIVATE ME
 to CREATE and BUY wonderful display and storage pieces for my special working space.

Making room for 2 vehicles to fit in the garage last month was HUGE I TELL YOU...real PROGRESS!

Back to my purchases...say VINTAGE & CUPCAKE and I will find you!!!!
Adorable shop Michelle, all vintage...children/teens will love you!
Congratulations and I have customers who will love you.
So I am inviting them right now.

Here is the address: 470 24th street  Ogden ABOVE WASHINGTON BLVD. on North side.

Am I ever familiar with THAT AREA... my husband worked at ZCMI 17 years and for 2,000 hours
I went to Hollywood Beauty college and walked down that street( I mean hill every single day.
Hard stuff at night walking UP THE HILL.
college days...we were poor, no wheels.

Let's make a deal...when you spend 50.00 (reg. priced items) or more, I will give you one of the cards shown on
this table... as long as they last
and will buy you TWO VINTAGE a CUTE PINK BOX!

My friend Maria was in visiting yesterday and she was telling me how she only eats LIVE FOODS, I agreed
that is a great way to eat, I surely must try it real soon.

However...these cupcakes seem very LIVE TO ME!

Lets see that was SPINACH & BANANA SMOOTHIES wasn't it?
Yes yes it was, but you added something else.

and also General store: Gentile/Main northwest corner.
my products usually have the tea stained tags on them.
There is great stuff at all our places
come see us this summer!

Now off to see Vampires and Wolves fight over Bella...why????
Just being a good follower of what's popular

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