Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jumping up and down... Good reason!

Look at this line up of artists for the new issue of Where Women Create!
Inspiring work spaces of Extraordinary women
Famous words of mine "How is it possible to get better when its already  beyond spectacular Jo?"

Utah's famous Jo Packham shows  pages of HER WORK die for!
Julie came in the shop last night and we started Jumping up and down as each page
was turned and we couldn't believe our eyes.
I'm only showing little peeks...k?
Debbie Dusenbury of Curious Sofa has outdone her talent of good taste and display with
pages of her very unique Curious shop.
You'll LOVE IT!
In fact, just jump in your car and drive to Kansas...RIGHT NOW!

I have had the honor/priviledge to be in a private business blog with 100 retailers around the U.S.
the past two years with Deb being the head of it.
Great when retailers can network...especially with our "new economy" way of doing business.
(and your fabulous EMPLOYEES)

Ring Party...are you fun is that!
Laurie Lenfesty owner of Bittersweet designs has parties for her daughter and friends
I see cupcakes in the background!
She too an amazing artist and pages to ohh and ahh about.

LOOK HERE...WHERE WOMEN COOK...I will order copies  for YOU if you will
bring me samples of what you cook...k?
Can't wait to see what they do with this book.

Really, who wants a flimsy little magazine full of advertisements when you
can have pieces of art books such as these.
You get more than your moneys worth...always!

I took pictures of my workroom last week...I would post, but honestly it
would scare the ba-jeebers out of you!!

One day maybe Jo will have a magazine " inspiring work spaces
of  the NOT so extraordinary women" ...sign me up for that one!

I have GREAT ADMIRATIONS for those in these pages who have pulled
their work spaces together
for our enjoyment.
SO enjoyable!
Thanks to ALL those who put these books together

Now off to read this book with my MAGNIFYING GLASS

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