Friday, July 16, 2010

HOTTER than the DEVIL...and one HOT MAMMA are here

Good "hotter than hell" afternoon that FRENCH?  Well, it happens to be
103 degrees our hottest day of the year here in Northern I can speak French, right?
                                                    Are you speaking FRENCH too?
                                                          Cause its okay... today

While YOU are basking in  air conditioned homes/offices or swimming at the pool, your vintage shopkeepers around YOUR town are getting ready BEHIND the scenes for the Other HOT season soon to be on its way...soon enough
                                                                        It's coming..

                      HAUNTING shabby dolls and doll parts collected all year long are tucked
                                          in the" Do not open till Halloween season" boxes...
                                            GOOD cause they give me the Heebie Jeebies!

                                                               keeping that boxed closes tight!

                  Pretty vintage pink pom poms/ tassels in fall colors, tea dyed laces arriving daily.
                                     So YOU can create a shabby or haunting home & fabulous costumes.
                             Speaking of HALLOWEEN COSTUMES...TAKE A PEEK AT THIS:
                                                                 CLOSE YOUR EYES FIRST!

Now open
Fooled ya...
This is a fantastic  pale gold vintage party dress with rhinestones...
but its NOT this one I want you  to ohhh and ahhh about.
It's THIS one...ready?

I call it the HOT MAMMA vintage NAUGHTY!
check out the little crochet nipples
if you don't beleive me!

This is the back frills, can you see the pink dangling garters...
The past owner from Brigham city
YES, you read that right ... BRIGHAM CITY UTAH...
evidence of some parties goin on there in Brigham.
Granddaughter said Grandma was one Hot Mamma
unique in her own way.
she grinned and giggled and so did I!
( I must show a better picture when it gets all fastened up cause its such a cutie)
and a whoa for a vintage costume.)

And SPARKLY BLISS is her name
she's coming "OUT OF THE CLOSET" soon enough.

I could go's so much fun
but I need to relax on the porch and enjoy a hot summer day before they end.

Joni came home from Hawaii bearing gifts
from cinnamon girl Maui.
Can empty, bag opened. so good and thoughtful.
Thanks Joni!

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