Sunday, July 18, 2010

1947 Susie Q's My REFLECTIONS...

Pick yourself up an old book sometime if you want to see IF times have changed
and IF so how they may HAVE or HAVE NOT.
THIS Reflections booklet is from 1947
Love the Name SuzieQ
(even call one of my granddaughters Suzie Q)
Susie Q gets to test her skills on her personal life from 1-4 then scores at the end.

Were you ever taught to hang your head over the bed and brush your hair 50 - 100 times
before going to bed?

Stepping stones to measuring up...
Like being broadminded, listening to others points of views, tolerant of your family,
Life is a give and take process.
Be tolerant of others, it's a free country.

Have I the character I'll need
to face this life in word and deed?
Mirror Mirror on the wall.
Do I keep myself in check when the crowd begins to neck? lol!
Do I resist the request to pet? Boys like the girls they never get.
Do I know how to get a date or must I just sit home and wait?
If I am friendly and attractive the boys will all be retroactive!
Yeah right.

Whether you spend your life in the sun or the shade depends upon you.
Keep your head in the clouds, your feet on the ground, your heart in whatever you may do,
and a smile on your face.
Good luck to You

See... its not so different today than 60 years ago?

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