Thursday, July 29, 2010

Primitive garden benches

In "times past"  many benches were constructed of heavy wood (things back then were made to last a lifetime and maybe eternity?) such as these for in the garden for resting and porches for sipping cold lemonade.
The color scheme of these three estate benches are in white/yellows/blue's with underlining reds.
I have always loved benches such as these and will bet that you do to, there's always a fun use for a little bench around the home and garden.

They are offered at the General Store co-op chicks in Layton  on gentile and main corner and were in the truck load of antiques that we dropped
off this week. Although the street is underconstruction it is not that hard to get into this shop. Main street just puts you right to the back of the shop...easy peasy!

Our cupcake promotion end this week, 2 complimentary cupcakes with a $50.00 or more purchase is all.

Unique one of a kind handmade/vintage and fall decor added to the shops decor each day as always.(yes I said fall).  Well..."back to school", now does that sound better? I know that does to many mommies!

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