Sunday, July 11, 2010

Special evening in Paris...Salt lake city

Shellie planned a special occasion at The Paris Bistro on 15th s. 15th e.
in Salt lake city, quaint romantic setting...
eat inside or out.

Escargo was ordered as a "first" try for many, lets see how it goes for Shellie...
Hard to place in the mouth, but turned out very delish-i-o-so
everyone agreed.
Some had cold beet soup, french onion soup and 
pardon, none of the french name I remember at all. 
Have to laugh, husband thought he needed to see a dr. today
and I reminded him he ate too many red beets.
(Not to be gross)
But hey, even Oprah thought she was dying when she had eaten beets.

I tried a nice salad with candied walnuts and goats cheese,oh so good.

Miss Manners here...using the snail crackers to eat  apple slices she
sweetly BEGGED the waiter for in her cute little spanish accented voice...
then can I have strawberries and blueberries too?
Okay darling, your really pushing it!

again...being the creative princess (at times) child that she is

And please lets just TURN OUR HEADS and ignore when she eats her spaghetti...Oh dear child!
And sorry about the 3 photos...tried to edit/eliminate the first two and obviously it
isnt working.
The choices of meals were so amazing.
This was something like sweet squash noodle thing, probably one of the
tastiest foods I have eaten in a very long time. first bite...sweet and memorable.
This is a lovely place to take friends.

French desserts...this is just one of the many so we could sample them all...
a lemon cheesecake, not like you've had before.
And grandpa RESCUES daddy...HE WILL WATCH the sweet angel grandchildren in the car
while the rest finish up with a fantastic french party
for two boys who graduated from Stanford and Berkely college
Proud of you two grandsons!
Crowns arrived on stakes and charms...stakes will be here today and gone
tomorrow...hurry in soon.
We are still running the cupcake coupon through July.
Hope your weekend was wonderful too.

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