Friday, July 23, 2010

Antique Pink in the Workspace

Torturing myself in the workroom this week-end
So hard!
NOT an organizer, but love to collect, display and refinish.
Would someone come fill up all the new
drawers and cupboards
for me?
Speaking of being yourself...check out my daughters blog:
She's always in some kind of creative mess!

Small antique cupboard base in antique display cabinet
holds antique books without covers
Charming & rustic

Picture is for you Annie!
Saw these on your blog and had to show you my version which
saw it on another blog in blogland.
somewhere... months ago!

We have these antique books bundled
for sale in the shop

Making new colors for the workroom.
Tried my own special recipe for a pretty Antique pale pink.
A re-make on this antique
Filing cabinet
Don't fret...there is a filing cabinet in its original
antique oak color that's so pretty
 this one just needed to be painted.
(hate to paint a pretty piece of antique wood, so we don't).

Dress form now the NEW antique pink
Wall paper may have to be removed NEXT YEAR...
thinking of this new gray/tannish color Paint
Sitting on those old pink couches
is relaxing.
Thanks Shellie for mentioning to do that.
Who thought to relax in a workspace?
It's great for inspiration
to sit once in awhile
and dream away.

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