Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Hoola Hoop summer...

Any of this going on lately?
It is quite adorable (when YOUR not the mother)
This picture was on the back of a knitting leaflet that came from Mickys knitcraft studio on 27th.
Ogdenites remember that sweet place and wonderful Mickey?
That was a good 25 years ago, Micky had that old home stacked with handwork supplies
 floor to ceiling and she KNEW where everything was.
Were you into counted cross-stitching like I was in the 80's?
I would never do that now and at that time
I was raising 4 (wild) children!
It's fun to look back isn't it.

Sneak away to Just a bed of roses to relax and see what's new/alot of vintage has arrived.
A huge shabby white ornate mirror, black vintage crystal chandalier in 2 sizes,
french style home decor
Rose purses in white/black/pink arriving this week and a handbag style
everyone has been waiting for since November.

What can you do with these vintage handmade flower squares for only 6.00 each?
There is probably 20 of them.
Pillow, summer banner, framed and sure originally was for a quilt.

Come get refreshed with a complimentary ice cold bottled water!
See you this week!

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