Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Would you love to be a Shopkeeper?

If you would love to be shopkeeper to one of the most unique vintage shops in is an opportunity. Just a bed of roses is in Farmington on the Historic sycamore district 15 E. state. It was established 7 years ago.

We have carried all things antique. vintage. vintage inspired handmades. jewelry. holiday decor & gifts and have displayed in inspiring vignettes.

We have an outstanding customer base from all over Utah and travelers from other states always come back or seek us out.

If you are interested here is how it works: make a written offer by Aug. 26th 2013  the shop will be ready depending on the offer accepted. Meaning if you want to do the 4th quarter...the busiest of the year, then you could take over Oct. 31 or you may want it sooner.

The offer needs to start at $15,000 which includes awning, visa machine, email list, trade show knowledge and commercial companies that work and dont work for the shop.  The merchandise inside will be negotiable in a seperate price if needed.

The shop is affordable to maintain...625.00 a month, utilities average 75.00 per month. yard care is included in rent. approx. 600 sq. ft with a wheelchair accessable restroom and a storage room. Charming over 100 year old building with an old brick wall inside, wood floors and plaster walls, with a center island covered in galvanized.

Personally, I have loved the size, the merchandise can be ever changing keeping it exciting for the customers to return more frequently.

If you have any questions: brenda 801-628-0890

The shop has even more potential than I have given it, meaning it could easily branch out into other types of merchandise or services. There is a great need in the Farmington area for antique/vintage, & it has worked well.

The shop is opened for viewing Mondays. Thursdays. Friday & Saturdays.  11-5:30

would love to hear from you

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