Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Peachy excursion

Located on your way to willard
Everything at Pettingill fruit was amazingly fresh and good
It will be on the East side of the road
they carry their own name label jams

Two trailers of LARGE just turning ripe peaches pulled in
how can you not bring home a half bushell?

We heard they had the best milkshakes...
Farrs ice cream and fresh fruits can't be beat
creamy SUMMERTIME good!
(recommend the  blackberry)

Up the road (north) on West side of road in Willard
is The Amish store
It's a beautiful large shop filled with fine foods.
It's like bulk broken down into small packages.
You almost want to make gift baskets because everything
is so neat and could co-ordinate well.
A walk-in cooler has unique cheeses
(you may sample them)

Had I remembered they make really good sandwiches
we would have done shakes on the way home.
well...another reason to go back...for lunch.

So...if you come up to West Haven for our Big yard sale
next week...you have reason to travel 10 miles up north.
Surely there's something at Smith and Edwards you need!

still watching weather...for yard sale
won't know until possible Sunday/Monday

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cindy-stitches-n-stuff.blogspot.com said...

Hi Brenda, it's been so long. I am just looking back at all of my blogs and comments. It was so fun when we met back up. Your daughters comments and yours were so sweet to me. I haven't blogged for a year. New house, new computer, don't know how to download anymore. Wow, getting old.

I'm so glad I'm looking at your blog today or I'd never know your selling your shop. I didn't think that you and Mr. Rose's would ever retire. Good for you. John is so looking forward to doing that very thing.

Good Luck to both of you. I'm sure you two will have a lot of fun playing together.

big hugs