Sunday, August 25, 2013

A VINTAGE FLEA MARKET at our home in West Haven

a vintage flea market this coming THURSDAY 8:00 a.m. in West Haven.
*just west a few miles from the 21st street freeway exit, west of Ogden.

Tons of vintage collectables, projects to finish, stuff for projects you can think of, holiday odds and ends from the shop, small pieces of furniture, linens, junk jewelry, glassware.

again...most is vintage and most will be priced 1-5.00

I will post address on blog on Tuesday.
check back for more details.

oh, the shop is closed until September 5th. Also we are doing the sale on you can enjoy your 4 day labor day weekend.

There is always Flea-ology in Payson on Saturday to shop...35 dealers.

Mine will be fun too.
You may want to continue up North to the fruit stands in willard, have lunch and a milk shake, buy some peaches and corn.

The harvest season is so awesome, enjoy it while you can!

This flea market is at our home...there is a large driveway, bring your friends!

I will try to have my workroom's always fun to see a room where creating takes place. My home will not be opened for viewing...just too much pressure, too much to do getting ready for this sale, hope you understand.

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Pollyanna said...

Thanks for mentioning flea.o.logy ... I am going to try to make it, even though I work that day ... in Springville, maybe I am crazy!