Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A new's time

Time for a new life's chapter...and the one I have been on has been so much fun, thank you. thank you. and thank you!

Mr. PROPrietor is retiring soon from his "real" job and Mrs. PROPrietress THINKS she should do the same!
(after all I hate to see a man relaxing without ME!)

He is also due for another major back surgery...thus I need to put on my "nurse" outfit and do what they do.

It brings me to this discussion and time in our life where we need to slow down, in order to do so, it's time to sell the shop that we love and adore.

In case you know someone or you yourself is interested in becoming the new owner we are going to open the selling up to taking offers (that's where our real estate experience is coming in I suppose).

Here is how it goes:

The shop is 600 plus sq. ft. with a storage room and a wheelchair accessable restroom. The rent is an affordable $625.00 which now includes lawn care. The shop is over 100 years old, inside brick wall, industrial metal counter, gray paint and wooden floors. The giant Sycamores add charm and character to the area. Farmington is an up and growing town.

The shop was established 7 years first I thought oh this is too small when I peeked in the window, but I have come to love it's size. "Just right"
says Goldilocks!

This summer we added the vintage props with patina rentals...and went on a hunt out of state for some unique props for the photographer or your occasions.
(vintage weddings seems to be so popular and unique). We have always had an online presence and network with other "like" business'.

The shop will be available to take over sept. 2013 so in your offer be sure to know that will be of importance to us. What a great opportunity to go into business 4th quarter...the busiest time of the year.

Here is how we'd like to do this:
we are asking a base price of $15,000  that would include the awning, our email list, our commercial contacts, what worked what didnt, how to do a trade show buying and more.  The shop merchandise will be negotiable.

we feel the shop can completly change or someone could build upon it, so we are not necessarily selling the name, it's probably easier to have your own.

You will need to have a written offer to us no later than August 26th Monday 2013. If emailed: justabedofroses@hotmail you would want to call to
confirm that it's received. 

For more information you may call: brenda 801-628-0890 and we would like you to respect that we would like only serious interested buyers to call.


Mimi Sue said...

Love your gate! I'll get you that number for the fence guy. I know they're kind of busy this time of year. You said what had to be said perfectly! Wish I wasn't so lazy or I'd buy it! Just not the right timing for me since we want to go and do while we still can! :(

Lisa said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! (screamed like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate while he watches the girl he loves about to get married)

I am so sad, Brenda! Your shop has been my most favorite place to go for years! It was my birthday Mother's Day vintage brooch headquarters! All other places paled like a sickly child in comparison. What will I do without you?! I MEAN IT! WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT YOU?!

I need some time alone to process this horrific news, and to bawl in the corner over what might have been.