Saturday, August 24, 2013

What's Old in yardsale/fleamarket news

Fall items...making their way into the shop. The shop will be
open today, Saturday...and then closed until Sept. 5th when there will be more vintage added with Halloween collections.

Yard sale...YES...THERE WILL BE A YARD SALE IN WEST HAVEN next week...on THURSDAY. Check back for the address and details of times.

It will be big
way to big for me...but then, it has to be!

I will  have my workroom case you want to see it, I just love it!

the yard sale will be 99% vintage, mostly garage sale pricing, some fleamarket pricing, but not shop pricing. Prefer cash.

Thinking that Thursday is best where it's the labor day weekend ahead cause there is swiss days and end of the summer vacations. The sale could continue into Friday, you
would need to check the blog for that news.

west haven...west of 21st street the country.
yes, there is corn, tomatoes, onions growing and even farm
animals...maybe the new Maverick on 2550 S. will be's a dandy if I ever saw one...I just may go there for a corn dog, you can too.

I posted recently about the fruit stand just heading into willard...and if your a redneck...there is always smith and edwards, they have everything dont they?  make a day up

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