Tuesday, August 6, 2013

From my garage to Your home

7' antique oak display case with electricity outlet and
storage in the back. piece needs to be redone, glass top is
a bit scratchy. Priced to sell: $150.00 All items for sell here will be going on ksl.com tomorrow so please email if you are interested at justabedofroses@hotmail.com 801-628-0890

antique waterfall style lane cedar chest...lined with cedar and
labeled inside. It's scratchy, but would paint up very nicely.
selling for only $50.00

Industrial style...planter...originally a hay feeder for horses.
wonderful to hang on a wall and plant a row of hanging plants or something fun and colorful...sells for: 55.00

I'll list more tomorrow...we have the most wonderful antique mahogany double size bed with rails in the shop right now. The posts are burled oat. Will show photo later (blogger is acting weird right now and not posting photos well).

Also...my friend Dixie is having a major yard sale up in Perry
Friday and Saturday at her home. I will give you the address and a sampling of what she is offering Wednesday.

There will also be a "shop talk" blog coming up soon...thinking about it right now.

See you Thursday. friday. saturday.
remember we have props for renting for your occasions, vintage props with patina!

OH...I'll also show you our purchase from the Fleattitude...it's installed now. Nothing slow about My mister...he loves to fix things up.

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