Sunday, August 11, 2013

Statement piece Chalkboard. fall. green door. ballet slippers. pink high chair...vintage patina

Rent our new Chalkboard, chippy white patina style, with wide and thick's most impressive!

It's still business as usual...even though the shop is for sale.

Plenty of new vintage arriving each day and touches of fall.

This week: open MONDAY. THURS. FRI. SAT. 11-5:30

SALE OF THE WEEK: 25% off an item of your choice, come each day and take advantage of this nice discount.

p.s. the chalkboard area for writing is 2'x3'

If your interested in placing an offer on buying the shop the details are on a previous post. The deadline for offers is Aug. 26th. 2013 

To clear things up...we are again "business as usual" until the shop sells. I'm not a slacker...only once in awhile!

I appreciate all who came in this week to offer their love and support, hugs and best wishes. This is difficult for me, I love to hear your stories, love to see what you find to buy, love to hear your adventures and even your misadventures at times.
So many things I will miss...but until then we will enjoy what time is left even more.

Vintage matters...brenda

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