Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Peaceful plus Overindulgence

Peaceful birthdays...
this year we went to our favorite place
the recording of
Music and the spoken word
on Temple square
in Salt lake city.
It's enjoyable to watch it live
even though we watch it weekly at 9:30 a.m.
Sunday mornings on channel 5
6,000 were in attendance
only 20% local
most from around the world and
conventions held in salt lake.

The choir...well their music is truely
heaven right here on earth.

Inspite of being such a dry year
the gardens at Temple square were
lush, full and thriving.
Carl said it's because they are on sacred ground.
(cause my plants are mostly in the garbage).
Their gardeners are amazing and dedicated.

The majestic Temple
is always a beautiful sight.
We went inside the visitor center
and learned some of the ways
the temple was built.

The Historic tabernacle
It's surely a tourist visit if your from out of state.

City creek shopping center
with the creek meandering through
was PEACEFUL and because it was closed
we could enjoy a nice
walk and window shopping.

Looks like Anthropology
is under construction.
Must go back when the shops are opened.
Shopping looks fun!

Historic Hotel Utah on corner
and so little traffic noise on Sunday.

Inbetween the temple and
Hotel Utah is a reflecting pond,
looks as if your walking on water.
(We are not in those photos.)

Grand America brunch
Stations of King crab, giant shrimp,
 sushi, smoothie, fruits
omelets, crepes, buffet items, prime rib, 
kids stations.
Chocolate fountain
for dipping strawberries and pineapple

we ate till it hurt
(may not help on our "lose weight" contest results
at least this week)

I sat Mr. birthday boy on a chair
outside the shop
while I did a few odds and ends.
He was tired and hot.

It was peaceful in Farmington too.

Today...tuesday, my birthday,
it's a salsa and soup base making day,
 my oldest son
is coming to LEARN the recipes!
He and his dad.

their results by days end...
love how the house smells


Pollyanna said...

Well then Happy Birthday!! Do you and your DH share a birthday, or are they just very, very close? Sounds like you made the most of it, either way!!

Mimi Sue said...

Well Happy Birthday to you both! Lovely pics of Temple Square. We've always wanted to do that brunch. Hear it's a little pricey but worth it! It is quite peaceful on Sunday all over Utah. Mimi