Thursday, August 2, 2012

Curvy scalloped antique couch and chair

curvy style overstuffed couch
and chair probably original
nylon covering from the 20's-40's era, guessing.

I bought these in hopes of recovering
as you can see the fabric is worn and faded.
Pretty sure you need to recover.

Very solid heavy pieces
so if your into re-doing
furniture you understand
the good solid bones of these
2 pieces.
Not sure the stuffing
but its solid and heavy.
They made furniture to
last an eternity back then
didn't they?
No water damages, non smoking,
no pets.
Couch size
around 6 feet 4"
chair 31" across.

Selling both for one easy price
West Haven for pick-up
(west of ogden and easy
freeway access 21st street)

or call brenda 801-628-0890
today would be best to call
and we will mark it sold!

Please read the below post
about this weeks
theme and sales:

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