Monday, August 6, 2012

Just like in Grandma's Farmhouse...only better

newly acquired clawfoot bathtub 5' size
Just like Grandma's farmhouse
only better
because this one has some Ogden History.
It came from the Eccles Art center on Jefferson,
behind this center is a carriage house and above it
is an apartment which use to be
for the caretaker of the gardens.
(you could google search this place.)

the inside porcelain gently used and immaculate
for what its age must be, no rust or chips
and I believe it to be the original porcelain.
(although some dirt I did not clean out cause
it was just too hot outside)
way better than my own clawfoot bathtub.

Mr. putting on the legs of many colors.

When tubs were put into place most times
it was impossible to paint the backs of them.
(hey that happened in my own home!)
Here you'll see 2 colors of paint, one
a antiquey green, another aqua.
both pretty, but peeling and would need
to be removed.

Here the 4 beautifully designed claw feet
original to this tub and working condition.
You will see on claw #2 the bronze color, I
believe that to be the original.
These too would need a make-over.
we took ours and had them brass plated.
but now days you can do most anything.
Sometimes it's best to talk to someone in
a car body shop.

this shows the back of the tub closer, which
is nice because of the non painted surface.
when we refinished our tub we were told to use
a car enamel paint...easily handpainted on.
we did a white.
This is heavy cast iron.
But last year I covered over it with the dark brown
house paint we painted the bath and bedroom walls in.
A plumber will happily be able to get the
right hardware for installing and you can
get some vintage style hardware for it.

this tub does have hardware in silver,
I would think from the 60's.

again, the whole back
without the legs attached.

Here is your chance to buy a piece of
Ogden's history
Just know if I did not already
have a clawfoot bathtub
would be mine!
It would be fantastic in a cabin home
or if your planning on building
why not design your plans
around this great tub.
I know we did
and have had no regrets.
the grandkids come
and WANT to take a bath!
ahh memories!
I remember grandma Shepherds bathtub
in her teeny tiny bathroom.
She used it till her dying days of 84...
I don't know how
cause when your older
they are harder to get out of
(arm strength).

includes historic value!

must be picked up in West Haven
west of ogden.
Would prefer cash on this item.

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Mimi Sue said...

I've taken many baths in a tub just like that one! I've got a friend that's restoring an old home in our neighborhood. I'll see if she needs one. Did you make it to the garden tour? It was pretty cool. Mimi