Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'll chose a nice antique... anytime

On a recent estate buying trip
we discovered this antique dresser.

The former owner was Ned Favero, who
was owner of the White House weddings in
Ogden many years ago.

His estate was in the mountains
in an old victorian home.
Located on a piece of property
with big trees, porches and sheds.
(the home is for sale)
The home decor was in velvet rose furniture
along with nice antiques.

I was talking to Margaret Favero
about how my husbands sister use to clean
their reception center.

As we were talking she saw that Carl was
taking the mirror off the dresser for
transportation and she said are you
buying this dresser?
I said yes, it's going in our home,
it's our birthdays and we really love it.
She put her hands in her face and cried.
I hugged and consoled her
by saying it was going to a good home.
She then told how it was
Giovanni Favero's, Neds parents dresser,
Ned was the youngest of 17 children.
I was so glad that she was there
to tell us the story
we would not have known.
This story would not have
been passed with this dresser.

It's oak and from the early 1900's

This is our job...
buying estates and bringing the possessions
to our customers.

This has been a big part of our marriage
of 39 years.

It's never easy

It's just how life works.

There are feeling at estates that is different,
a little spiritual even.
I think everyone there feels it.

By the time estates are ready for selling,
the contents have been divided among family/relatives/friends.

So we find new life/ownership
for what is left.

And it's fun to see
who gets to be the new
That is what we LOVE
and have always loved
our business.

This is a piece I bought for my new workspace
at the same estate.

It's placed between two windows
and is about 9' up the wall.
After we had paid and loaded up our
finds, this piece kept calling to me.
For an hour I had ignored it
and then I just got my money out and
said this pretty thing is going home with me!
60's ornate gold piece with crystals.
It ties in perfectly with
what is displayed underneath it.

Here is the mirror from a high boy dresser
also from a recent estate.

I love it
especially right above the antique door 
that leads into the workroom.
Isn't it pretty on the pink wall!
It too is about 9' up

Can you see why I prefer antiques
over vintage and retro

We must chose our style and then
go with it!

Here is another estate piece
I've been hanging on to
for just the right place
and today was the...
"right place" day!

It's a chippy paint
giant iron scroll
and I love how it adds design to the space
without detracting,
keeping it light and airy
up high.
Things such as this I have to hide from
my daughter before she
claims it!

As we were just talking...
we are their caretakers for awhile
and then someone else gets to do that when
we are finished.

Unique way to show a piece of art...
this is my daughters roses watercolor
it's standing in a waste basket
from the Hotel Ben Lomond
It has alot of patina,
a piece of history,
recently bought from a collector.

Friday we will photo beds that
we have for selling.
There is a nice cast iron one at the
shop right now, it's a double size.

see you...



Pollyanna said...

It was a lovely sale ... thanks for sharing your thoughts about estates sales, definitely bitter sweet, and having a family member there is always a daring thing to do for the family member. Oh and by the way, Happy Birthdays!!

It was sort of a red letter sale for me too, here is my post about it:

Pollyanna said...

It was a lovely sale for me as well. Thanks for sharing you thoughts about the poignancy of your experience. I always think its a very daring thing for a family member to attend, especially a spouse.

Oh and Happy Belated Birthdays!

Here is my take on the same sale