Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Corn on the cob with lime...FARMHOUSE delish!

Eclectic Vignettes in the new workspace

Nice Patina style elements
from Flea-ology and
some very special estates
we have bought from.

In between dusting sawdust,
oiling furniture
wiping down windows and blinds
razoring paint
touching up paint
carrying TONS of product and stuff
into their new places,
I've been creating vignettes
all around the room.

This way I can BALANCE out colors of
antique silvers, golds,
whites, tans, pinks
splashes of vintage color,
antique woods and painted furniture
making the room enjoyable
for inspiration soon to create in.

Since this is a workspace
things I work with
are incorporated into the vignettes
meaning the displays will change.

Then there are keepers
to be treasured and enjoyed
such as this adorable silverplate trophy vase
what a cutie!

Adding industrial containers
in galvanized, zinc, rust
to store goods.
These have been the most fun
this year to search and rescue.

the doors are now closed
until the room is finished
and the creative work begins...
just in time for
 a new season
as planned.

This morning
I woke early and just sat out there
enjoying the fresh paint and carpet smells,
realizing all the hard work
that goes along with this
so thankful
and happy
we chose

The stainless steel counter was installed today,
right now I just don't want to fingerprint it!

Tomorrow the old sink and faucet go back in.

And best of all
(much needed)

My new favorite thing...
my cheese/dairy loving son Tim taught me this one.
Take your hot ear of corn from the pot
and instead of smothering in butter and salt
squeeze and drench 1/2 a lime
over your corn.

It could be YOUR next new favorite thing.

Corn on the cob
will never be the same
You must try!

It's Farmhouse month...
come see what's right off the farm!

Anything to do with DAIRY/ MILK
will be 20% off
(like milk bottles, milk cans)

see you

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