Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tufted chair...

A top the organizing chest
in the new workspace...
Vintage scrabble board in aqua/pink,
vintage collar on dress form wearing pearls,
crystal, very old pink childs table
and the newest addition:
aqua/pink tufted chair.

I bought this to bring into the shop
for the Fall season...
but after 2 seconds thinking about it...
it has to stay here...
at least for now.
Can you blame me?

You can have your name put on the bottom
for when I find a replacement,
that's a cool idea!
Cause I know there could be a dozen of you
who really want this pretty chair.

There will be another load of vintage/antique
collectables coming in this week,
this will be among them.
Does this help?
RS Prussia pieces
beautiful for fall.

1 comment:

Mimi Sue said...

Is that a hot chocolate set? It's gorgeous. Love your tufted chair too. Mimi