Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farmers wife

1937 housewife's year book
of health and homemaking.
we have 2 available
$10.00 each

tips for each month on housekeeping.

Speaking of "reducing"
true story here...
my mother tells me that my sisters
are going on a diet.
I say...not without me
especially if there is a $100.00 cash reward
to the first one to lose 15 lbs.
Last Tuesday we weighed in.

vintage scale $12.00
Today we had a weight loss
can't tell
only our mates know

If you've been reading this blog since the new year
you'll know that we are eating healthy this year,
but not on a diet and have lost 24 lbs. and
Mr. 30 lbs and we've kept it off.

Thought this would be a good
incentive to step it up a bit,
sharpen the saw,
focus and lose THE REST.

Besides a little competition
between sisters and NOW the men
is healthy
It's working
and that's what matters.

finding new ways...

My green smoothies are turning a little brown,
(this one looks like a root beer float doesn't it?
due to beets and more vegetables.
I'm trying, okay!
We don't do banana smoothies or icy cold ones.
But we do love them made with
spinach, fruit choices...
always an orange then strawberries,
pineapple, apple, plums
whatever is available 
add flaxseed oil
water or vanilla almond milk.
always BE PREPARED with your
spinach and kale bags
even if you have to freeze in smaller bags,
I do that alot.

Kale a little bitter
add stevia if you have to.

Found this sprouted bean trio at costco
excellent protein and a little crunchy
cooks up really fast
because anything sprouted
is more nutritious

aren't they pretty
added them to a salad today,
just keep them cooked up to add
to whatever your eating.

It's fun and necessary to be on watch for new foods
especially when your not use to cooking
just healthy stuff all your life.

Wanted to try
Robyns Granola (greensmoothiegirl.com)
it's in her books.
Mr. Roses "loves it" he claims this morning
and I do too.

A new way to BAKE
because the farmers wife bakes, right?

It's loaded with nutrition
liquid is honey, coconut oil, molasses, water.
makes 11 cups
Easy Easy Easy

You don't need very much to get full
add some vanilla almond milk.

One thing about eating healthy is
you don't get cravings for foods
loaded with calories and sugar.
Those foods are addictive.

Wish I could feed my children all over again
knowing what I know now.

aren't these warm summer days just beautiful

Blue rusty scooter and milk can
available Thursday
$45.00 milk can
and 65.00 old scooter

embroidered dish towels $12.00 each

this week our garden hose nozzles
any size 7.00 each
that's on sale!

start you a collection

we worked all day Tuesday
digging from the garage all types of
 vintage to bring in for fall.

check back Wednesday for photo's

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